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Budget Essentially Debt Dashboard

Budget Essentially Debt Dashboard

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This debt payoff tracker allows you to choose between 3 different debt repayment strategies: 1) the Debt Snowball Method, 2) the Debt Avalanche Method, and 3) Custom Order (choose how your debts would be prioritized). You can add up to 30 debts to the debt payment tracker. The debt spreadsheet is fully customizable and made to be flexible. You can easily make additional payments on any month, and your payoff dates will update based on the payment.


Detailed guide, and a sample spreadsheet with mockup data

Set up

Quick 3 step process tab to configure your spreadsheet, once inserted the screens automatically calculate


Add up to 30 debts to track till 30 years , all in one screen, see exactly when all debts will be paid in a graphical format

Monthly Dashboard

See Your Monthly Debt Payment, Monitor the overview of your debt payment status


Debt Snowball

An accelerated debt repayment strategy which focuses on paying your smallest debt first. Which means you will be paying the minimum payment on all debts except the lowest amount debt.

Debt Avalanche

A debt repayment strategy that prioritizes paying off your debt with the highest interest first. Which means you will be paying the minimum payment on all debts except the highest interest debt that is prioritized.

Custom Order

Set a custom order that makes the most sense for you and your current financial situation. Simply rank they items from 1-30, and the items will automatically calculate in the other tabs.

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